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Our entire family and several friends are patients of Atlas Family Chiropractic. Dr. Roundy and each member of his staff are professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable. My wife has had three back surgeries and Dr. Roundy has helped her immensely with chiropractic, massage and infrared light therapy. This is the best type of chiropractic care and there is not a better provider out there.


When you are seeking professional help whether it is medical, mechanical, legal, etc. you always want to find someone who genuinely cares about you and your needs and will do what they can to help. This kind of customer care is exhibited by the staff members at Altas Family Chiropractic. I came to Atlas Family Chiropractic because of a car accident I was in. Immediately after seeing Dr. Roundy and one of his fabulous massage therapists, Larysa, I felt a big difference. They helped me with my weekly aches and pains and also provided me with tips on how to improve my overall health with vitamins and specific stretches. After a few months of therapy I felt better than when I first visited. I definitely encourage anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable doctor who really cares to visit Atlas Family Chiropractic.

I was always told growing up that Chiropractors were not “real” doctors. But after I had a car accident and hurt my back the suppose to be “real” doctors told me ‘I shouldn’t be hurting’, ‘it’s all in my head’, etc. I had gotten to the point where I did not want to get out of bed because I was hurting so bad. My husband suggested that I see a Chiropractor and try Spinal Decompression. I was skeptical at first but decided I might as well try it because I had no other options.

We called around to as many chiropractors as we could find in our area. None of them really were concerned and tried to make an appointment for over a week out. When I called Atlas Chiro and directly spoke to Dr. Roundy he was so concerned and caring, to me someone he had never met before, he told me to come in the next day, even though it was his day off! I’ve never met a doctor who has told me to come in to see him on his day off. He knew exactly how I felt and wanted to see me immediately. When I went to his office the next day he spent over two hours with me figuring out exactly what was wrong, were it hurt, and seeing what he could do to make things better.

He made my first two visits complimentary, which is amazing. Ever since I started seeing him my back has improved greatly. If anyone is looking for a chiropractor Dr. Roundy is my first and only recommendation. Several people I know have went to him as well, after I told them how wonderful he is and they all agree he is the best! Not to mention the staff are the nicest most understanding people I’ve ever met. I have never been more pleased out of a doctor’s office before!

Dr. Roundy and his staff are amazing. When I first went to see Dr. Roundy, I had a huge “hump” between my shoulders. Military doctors determined this hump to be scar tissue and wanted to surgically remove it. After only a few WEEKS of seeing Dr. Roundy, it was significantly smaller. I never expected this hump to go away, but it did! Ive found all of the staff very welcoming, informative and willing to listen. They do a great job and I trust them with my entire family. I will continue to refer my friends and family to them because of the professionalism and quality of care I receive.

I first started going to Dr. Roundy after I was involved in a job related accident. A co-worker told me that she and her son had been seeing him and he was remarkable. I had been to other chiropractors and had minimal results. But after only a few visits I started to feel better movement in my neck and shoulder area, and all over less pain. Dr. Roundy was able to refer me to the specialists that I needed to make a complete plan for my recovery. This was many years ago, today I still see Dr. Roundy and his Caring friendly staff for what I like to refer to as my tune-up appointments. I like to tell all my friends and co-workers that there is no better place to go.

The staff is very friendly. The care you receive is exceptional. I have recommended Dr. Roundy to many of my friends and co-workers. I would definetly give it a try and I guarantee you will continue to go back. I have been to many different chiropractors and had never found one that really made me feel better. I would often times leave feeling worse than when I arrived. Since finding Dr. Roundy I will not have to look for another Dr. and I feel much better.

The first chiropractor that I’ve encountered is Dr. Roundy. I was referred to Dr. Roundy from another client. The other client assured me that Dr. Roundy and his staff were vere professional and offered a gentle approach to chiropractic care. Right away I realized just how right she was.

I have heard of horror stories from people that go to other chiropractors. Twisting and turning is not what I’ve experienced from Dr. Roundy or Dr. DeCapp. They have been very gentle and the Atlas Orthogonal technique – using a percussion wave instrument to align your atlas (see their website for details!). No twisting or popping!!

I have been a patient for over 2-1/2 years. Dr. Roundy, Dr. DeCapp & Kami (customer service) are very professional and flexible. Any time that I’ve had to schedule or reschedule my appointments, they’ve worked with me.

My body is healing well and I believe that it’s thanks to the care I get with Dr. Roundy and the rest of his staff.

I highly recomment Dr. Roundy and Dr. DeCapp and the rest of the staff. They’re very caring, nurturing, and gentle environment and are there for their patients and what’s best for the patients.

For those of you who cringe at the thought of visiting a chiropractor for a spine twisting and popping adjustment – have no fear! Drs. Roundy and DeCapp at Atlas Family Chiropractic will return your body back to health with no twisting or popping of your spine! They offer gentle chiropractic adjustments based on the Atlas Orthogonal technique – using a percussion wave instrument to align your atlas (see their website for details!). No twisting or popping!! I have been a patient for over 6 years. I was originally referred by a friend after I suffered a neck injury. I walked around in pain for 7 weeks -visited an MD who prescribed muscle relaxants – a typical “let’s cover up the symptoms not fix them” approach. I was also experiencing numbness down my arm and hand. My friend finally told me he would not listen to any more complaining until I had visited Dr. Roundy – he was already a fan!! After my first adjustment the pain relief was immediate! I couldn’t believe I had suffered through 7 weeks of pain!! It took a few more adjustments and the numbness disappeared. I became a true believer!! That was 6 years ago – I recently was involved in a car accident on the freeway – my car was totaled and although I didn’t feel like I was injured at the time of the accident, I later started feeling neck, back and leg pains. I immediately went to see Drs. Roundy & DeCapp. I have been receiving excellent care from them as they return my body back to health. I talk about how wonderful my care is so much that my boyfriend (a musician) sings a “Dr. Roundy”, “Dr. Roundy”, “Dr. Roundy” chant before each of my appointments! I highly recommend Drs. Roundy and DeCapp – they provide excellent care in a very nurturing, caring environment.


We have been very happy with the care we receive at Dr. Roundy’s office! Very comfortable yet very comprehensive service. It’s so nice to be feeling better!

Over the years I have seen many different medical professionals for chronic and acute neck and back issues. I have been to multiple chiropractors and always felt the “crack/pop/twist” form of chiropractic care unsettling. I did get some relief, but it was very short term. I never felt like I progressed and got to a point of stability. I am still shocked at the long term relief I have had from Atlas Orthogonal treatment. I am now truly at a point of maintenance which is so nice. Drs. Roundy and DeCapp and their staff are very professional and personable. I would highly recommend them.


I really appreciate the gentle but effective care that I receive from Dr. Roundy. I always feel that the staff at Atlas Family Chiropractic listen and go the extra mile to give their patients the care that they need.

I once took a bad fall on my front porch stairs the afternoon before Thanksgiving landing upside down and my body twisted. I was driven to his office (without making an appointment) and I was seen shortly after arriving! Then, as I was scheduled for x-rays the following week it confirmed that I had suffered no ill effects from the fall and I spent the long holiday weekend enjoying my family! I definitely spend less time in pain since I starting seeing Dr. Roundy!


I really appreciate the gentle but effective care that I receive from Dr. Roundy. I always feel that the staff at Atlas Family Chiropractic listen and go the extra mile to give their patients the care that they need.

I once took a bad fall on my front porch stairs the afternoon before Thanksgiving landing upside down and my body twisted. I was driven to his office (without making an appointment) and I was seen shortly after arriving! Then, as I was scheduled for x-rays the following week it confirmed that I had suffered no ill effects from the fall and I spent the long holiday weekend enjoying my family! I definitely spend less time in pain since I starting seeing Dr. Roundy!

11-month-old boy


Dear Dr. Roundy,
My wife and I would like to thank you for your suggestion that we have our 11 month old son in to have his spine checked out. As I told you prior to the appointment, we were a little concerned that our son was still not able to push himself up into a sitting position and was still not able to crawl. You advised me that often babies, like adults, can easily fall out of alignment and with a few minor adjustments you often can quickly see significant improvements in all aspects of a child’s development. We brought our son in on a Tuesday and you did some minor adjustments of which, he didn’t mind at all. By that afternoon our son was able to push himself up into a sitting position all by himself. By that Friday he was able to crawl! We do not think it was just a coincidence that he made such great strides in such a short period of time.

I hope other parents that have concerns about their children at any stage of development, whether it is physical, emotional, or social; consider having them examined by a chiropractor they trust. We had no problem trusting you with our baby because you have proven over the years to be a very cautious and trustworthy professional that has treated my wife and I with compassion and respect. At the same time you have educated us all along the way about the human body and all of the different causes and effects that influence how the body works.

We just wanted to say thanks for all of your help and we plan on bringing both of our kids to you for preventative care. Please feel free to share our story with your other patients or potential patients if you so choose.

Tod G.

From our office

[ X ] Saved Me from Brain Surgery
[ X ] Relieved Pain in Extremities
[ X ] Eliminated Use of Medications
[ X ] Able to Sleep Through the Night
[ X ] Able to Exercise
[ X ] Better Attitude

After suffering for two years with what is documented as “the worst pain ever”, a dentist sent me to a specialist, which sent me to another specialist. This specialist diagnosed me with a condition that happened to men over 60; Trigeminal Neuralgia. At this time, I was a woman just over 30. The best way to describe the constant shooting pain would be to imagine the “sensation” of biting down on tin foil over and over again.

I was put on seizure medication, and the dose increased frequently until I became a zombie recluse. I was told of a few options, but decided on the option that posed the most relief and the least side affects as long as everything went as planned. My brain surgery at the end of 1999 was successful, and I was pain free for 5 years. I was distraught when the pain returned in 2004. I went back to the same neurologist that had originally treated me, and was informed that “this happens sometimes”. He told me I was a “surgical failure” and he would start me on the medication again. The good news was that the condition was more common and I had many more medication options.

Once again I found myself in my doctors office weekly attempting to get my medication adjusted to get the pain under control to allow me to continue working. I contacted the University of Washington to prepare for another type of surgery. Luckily, 3 weeks of phone calls were never returned, and a co-worker showed me an article in an RV magazine written by a doctor that has Trigeminal Neuralgia. The article explained recent research, and discussed how widespread the condition was. Babies less than a year old were being diagnosed. It listed numerous alternatives to surgery and medication, one of those being chiropractic care.

Many of my co-workers were already patients of Dr. Roundy and had nothing but high praises for him. I was extremely anxious for my first appointment. Dr. Roundy explained my condition to me like no one has before. He offered his services anytime of the day if I was in pain, and even checked up on me at home early on when the pain was so strong. I have never had a medical professional treat me with such respect and sincerity. My neurologist has not me contacted since I last walked out of his office in pain.

I am pain free and no longer take any medication. My entire family is treated by Dr. Roundy now. Dr. Roundy allowed me to put my life back together without the threat of another surgical knife. My 16 year old daughter is considering the chiropractic field, and I couldn’t be more proud. My family and I thank you Dr. Roundy. Here’s to hoping that traditional doctors will some day see the benefits of chiropractic care and work hand in hand with chiropractors to avoid drugs and surgical procedures.

– Denise O.

He Believed Chiropractors to be “Quacks”


“After many years of working with an orthopedic specialist, my daughter finally convinced me to see Dr. Roundy. The orthopedic attitude was basically, “We should wait until it becomes intolerable and the do surgery.” After a few weeks with Dr. Roundy, I began to notice marked improvement with my neck, back and most notably my shoulder. My shoulder over the years progressed to almost or very little mobility and severe pain if I did move the wrong way. It probably took the longest to improve but after about 2.5 months I had regained 90% mobility and also 90% less pain.”

“I continue to see Dr. Roundy and have complete trust in his care and judgment even with an 11-year-old back injury. That is a fairly weighty statement from someone who believed chiropractors to be “Quacks”.”

John W.H.

A sixth grader’s testimonial



The following is a patient testimonial from one of my favorite ballerinas. Tabitha is in the 6th grade and is an extremely active ballet dancer. While under care, we’ve been working with her scoliosis and making sure her ankles are well adjusted for the rigorous demands that she places on them. Instead of typing out her testimonial, I thought I would show you her written statement…


An English Mastiff’s Testimonial


My name is Liiza. I am a 3 year old English Mastiff, with new owners. I didn’t have a very good life before I was adopted. My old masters put me in an 8 X 10 foot pen with 3 other dogs. I got very little attention or exercise and I was about 20-LBS over weight. Their 6 yr old son was overweight and he would try to ride upon my shoulders. He was quite abusive. I felt tired, sore and old before my time. I remember how difficult it was just to step up into their car. I hated turning around in tight quarters and to avoid this motion I would just walk backwards due to the intense amount of pain in my entire back.

My new owners gave me a nice home with a new companion, (boxer) to play with. They have a huge yard and they take us on walks every night. I have lost 15-LBS so far. They were concerned about me because I was so lethargic, I laid around a lot and I moved like a sloth (they didn’t know I was in pain). They tried to get me to run, but I could only run just a few seconds.

One day after I had a check up at the veterinarian’s office, my owner took me to see Dr Roundy, as he heard he does chiropractic with dogs. He looked at me and adjusted me from head to tail. I had a lot of stiffness, especially between my shoulder blades, no thanks to that brat who tried to ride me like a horse. It was amazing after that first adjustment how good I felt. My master noticed how spry I’d become. Instead of crawling into the back seat, I gingerly leapt up into the seat. My tail began to wag like never before. I had more energy. He was shocked to see me actually running around in the backyard with Dede (the boxer). He noticed I stopped walking backwards and I could flex my trunk enough to turn around in hallways. He told everybody how my personality had changed. I feel like a new dog. My owner was extremely happy he let Dr. Roundy look at me. He never could begin to realize what a dramatic effect one visit had upon me. Dr. Roundy has seen good improvements in my spine. I am a “Lucky Dog.” I have a great chiropractor and great owners who care about my health and me.

–Interpreted by owner; Chris Ford, MPT

My Personal Miracle


by Carol Ann Snodgrass, R.N.

Actually it is a miracle in progress! I guess you could say I’m a firm believer in the saying, “expect a miracle”. But during the sunny days of the summer of 2000, I began to experience excruciating pain running from my mid-low back, across my buttock, and to my knee – later it would advance to my ankle. We are talking about pain that narcotic pain pills four times a day and prescription muscle relaxants did not relieve! It was there 24/7!

I had undergone back surgery for a very badly ruptured disc on the left side of my back on May 3, 2000. My recovery following the surgery had been remarkable and surprising to my surgeon. Then this excruciating pain occurred out of the blue on July 15, about 4 pm. I had just returned to my profession as a floor nurse in a retirement home. Why not, I was feeling terrific!

From July 15th through August, I again went to physical therapy in an effort to relieve the pain. My physical therapist tried everything within the scope of her practice to help me. The relief lasted sometimes until I got to my car.

I had been to chiropractors before, so on a chance that might be the answer my body was looking for…I asked my physical therapist for a recommendation; she recommended Dr. Roundy.

On August 31, 2000, I had my first appointment with Dr. Roundy. I was really impressed with the fact that he did not practice blind — he put me through a series of diagnostic tests and x-rays to find out where my misalignments were, and possibly why. Next came my first treatment a few days later. Even after being told by my physical therapist that the doctors in this office were the gentlest she had experienced, I still was a bit apprehensive on my first treatment. I had been warned not to let a chiropractor touch my back at least for 6 months following surgery, with a year being better, and then only with the approval of my surgeon! Again, I was extremely impressed with the thoroughness of Dr. Roundy’s explanation of what he was going to do! Boy, was I surprised! Just a little thump behind the ear, with his magic machine, instead of the teeth clenching, muscle tensing, anxiety producing neck twisting I had endured previously! I wondered how anything so painless could do much good…sort of like the “good medicine has to taste bad” philosophy!

It was not long until my twice a week appointments stretched to five days, and then seven. The neck began to hold quite well, and my headaches were going away! The leg pain remained. But once in a while I had part of a day pain-free.

The next milestone was when Dr. Roundy used a different approach on my lower torso. Again, I had one and a half days pain free. Little by little working together we are unraveling the mystery of my unrelenting leg pain. I believe that I will be able to avoid another back surgery with this course of action. We aren’t there yet…but it is happening! Yes…I expect a complete miracle! I expect to actually be able to hike again this summer and to be able to take ballroom dancing classes next winter!
I’m so grateful for doctors that REALLY care about their patients! Because you see…I don’t do pain well!