February 2007

The Education of an Atlas Orthogonist
The Atlas Orthogonist is a fully accredited, licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. He or she has undergone a minimum of three to four years of undergraduate studies, followed by four or [...]
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Atlas Orthogonal Details
Children of all ages should have a chiropractic examination, and those needing chiropractic care should be X-rayed and adjusted. All children over age 3 need a controlled exercise and fitness [...]
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The Atlas Orthogonal Radiographs
We use the latest technology (high frequency computed radiography – AKA Digitial X-Ray) to ensure the least amount of exposure, the most accurate images and we take every precaution necessary [...]
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Structure Determines Function
When viewed from the front (or back), the skull should be vertical, the atlas (1st vertebra) should be level and the cervical spine (neck) should be vertical – in other [...]
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What MDs Say about Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic
“Unbelievable physiological improvement with Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic. This is the type of work that is going on out there that the medical profession does not know is going on, and [...]
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