February 2010

Blind Man sees again after Chiropractic
by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter Story Created: Jan 11, 2008 DUBUQUE – Doctors aren’t quite sure how it happened, but a Dubuque man can see clearly after being blind in one [...]
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Wheeled Shoes raise safety concerns, say chiropractors
The above headline comes from a March 15, 2007, PRNewswire and USNewswire release. The original release from the American Chiropractic Association expresses safety concerns both for the children who use [...]
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Hospital infections kill 103,000 in one year
Hospitals are supposed to be places to go to get medical help when we’re sick. However, a recent investigative report in the Chicago Tribune revealed that, in the year 2000 [...]
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Fish Oil supplements “beat psychotic mental illness”
Taking a daily fish oil capsule can stave off mental illness in those at highest risk, trial findings suggest. A three-month course of the supplement appeared to be as effective [...]
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