Year: 2011

Vaccinated Children Have 2 to 5 Times More Diseases
Vaccinated Children Have 2 to 5 Times More Diseases and Disorders Than Unvaccinated Children Preventable Vaccine-induced Diseases A German study released in September 2011 of about 8000 UNVACCINATED children, newborn to [...]
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Take your fish oil – Omega-3 users are different
The International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease, held this year in Paris, was the site of a presentation by Lori Daiello, PharmD of the finding of differences in brain structure between [...]
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Common Pain Killers Linked to Irregular Heart Rhythm
Yet another research study has uncovered potentially fatal side effects of commonly used painkillers. Many pills used to treat inflammation (including non-selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs [NSAIDS] as well as new [...]
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Giant Government and Spending
No matter your political affiliation – you need to watch this video.  We’re heading down a slippery slope with no sign of stopping. Watch Video
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Zinc lozenges and the common cold
The outcome of a meta-analysis published online on June 23, 2001 in the Open Respiratory Medicine Journal concludes that zinc lozenges are beneficial in reducing the length of the common [...]
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