February 2012

New study: vitamin D eases menstrual cramps
Women with dysmenorrhea who take a single high dose of vitamin D suffer much less menstrual pain and have no need of pain medications for any reason for up to [...]
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How vitamin D inhibits inflammation
ScienceDaily (Feb. 23, 2012) — Researchers at National Jewish Health have discovered specific molecular and signaling events by which vitamin D inhibits inflammation. In their experiments, they showed that low [...]
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Chiropractic treatments improve sensory-processing disorders
(NaturalNews) Sensory processing disorders (SPD) are impairments in detecting, modulating, interpreting, or responding to sensory stimuli. One study estimates that 5 percentof elementary aged children met the criteria for SPD. [...]
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Vitamin D3 vs D2
Patients of mine know that I only recommend vitamin D3 – here’s a short list of the reasons why. Vitamin D3 is the type of vitamin D the human body [...]
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Infant heart failure and vitamin D supplementation
Heart failure is a condition where the body can’t pump enough blood to meet the needs of its body. When we think of heart failure, we think of older persons [...]
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