July 2012

The evolutionary approach to weight loss and good health
(NaturalNews) Studies show that people eating “ancestral diets” maintain excellent health and low body fat. Some of these healthy societies have a high carbohydrate intake while others get the majority [...]
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Vitamin D status at breast cancer diagnosis: Correlation with tumor characteristics?
Posted on July 17, 2012 by Brindusa Vanta, MD(EU) A new study confirms that healthy blood levels of vitamin D are important in women diagnosed with breast cancer and it [...]
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Can vitamin D supplementation help relieve the symptoms of depression?
Posted on July 20, 2012 by Brant Cebulla This week in The British Journal of Psychiatry, researchers in Norway have published results from their randomized controlled trial studying the effects [...]
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D deficiency may be linked to diabetic foot infections
Posted on July 19, 2012 by John Cannell, MD Foot infections are common problems in persons with diabetes. Dictum has it that diabetics often suffer from foot infections due only [...]
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Heart Surgeon Admits Huge Mistake!
By Dwight Lundell, MD We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. [...]
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