Blind Man sees again after Chiropractic

by Katie Wiedemann, Reporter Story Created: Jan 11, 2008

DUBUQUE – Doctors aren’t quite sure how it happened, but a Dubuque man can see clearly after being blind in one eye for more than a decade.

It happened after a trip to the chiropractor.

Twelve years ago Doug Harkey’s left eye suddenly stopped working. “I woke up one day and I didn’t have vision in one eye.”

And as quickly as he lost sight, he got it back.

Harkey said, “he just did his normal adjustment and, voila!

After a routine visit to Chiropractor Tim Stackis, Harkey says a miracle happened.

“My blind eye starting watering after I left there and it watered for 45 minutes straight. It started making my good eye water. I went to wipe my right eye and I could see out my left again.”

Doctor Stackis said the bones in the Harkey’s neck were out of alignment.

Stackis said, “That interferes with the messages and energy the brain sends down to the rest of the body.”

Harkey now has the depth perception he’d been missing, just what he needs as he’s about to walk down the aisle with his fiancée next month.

Harkeyʼs Fiancée, Gina Connolly said, “I’m not use to him not running into things or stepping on our feet.”

Doctor Stackis and Harkey were both surprised by what happened. Harkey said, “He has miracle hands, I guess.”

Was it a miracle? Harkeyʼs not sure how to explain it, heʼs just glad it happened.

Harkey says his eye doctor says with the help of corrective lenses he will be able to almost perfectly out of both eyes.


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