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Rise in paralysis cases after polio vaccine
Cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis, better known as AFP, has sharply increased with the increase in the administration of oral polio vaccination (OPV) in the country under the much-acclaimed [...]
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“Bad” LDL Cholesterol May Protect Us against Cancer
LDL cholesterol is demonized, but we’ve told you the other side of the story. Now a new discovery adds to the growing list of health benefits. There may be a [...]
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$29 Billion Reasons to Lie About Cholesterol
$29 Billion Introduction from 29billion on Vimeo. Read a great article from Dr. Mercola HERE
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Statins increase diabetes in postmenopausal women by 70%
(NaturalNews) The result of a study published in theArchives of Internal Medicinefinds that statin use in postmenopausal women significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes. In spite of this damning [...]
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The Link between Nerve Damage and Statin Drugs
Spending on cholesterol-lowering drugs like statins increased by $160 million in 2010, for a total spending of nearly $19 billion in the U.S., the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics reported [...]
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