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Kids get their daily fix
Every day millions of children worldwide line up and get their dose of a mind-altering drug. The drug – pushed by reputable drug companies and their sales force, the medical [...]
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Reality Bytes – Quotes & Stats
Aspartame  (NutraSweet®) was first approved in 1974. It was then taken off the market in 1975 due to many health complaints. The financial backers of the toxic sweetener then forked [...]
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Solution to Killer Superbug Found in Norway
Solution to Killer Superbug Found in Norway Margie Mason and Martha Mendoza AP OSLO, Norway (Dec. 30, 2009) — Aker University Hospital is a dingy place to heal. The floors [...]
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Rx for America’s Drug Issues is not in a Pill
Dayton, Ohio – The federal government recommended nearly tripling the number of people using a type of drug for lowering cholesterol levels earlier this month, one day after the Supreme [...]
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Which Pain-Killer is right for me?
An article which appeared in the Los Angles Times titled, “Analgesics may kill more than pain,” reinforces the chiropractic principle that drugs are not the desired method to relieve pain [...]
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