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Fish Oil for Everyone
Food for thought…these are some of the reasons I’m so passionate about clean fish oil for everyone… Study #1: Higher blood levels of omega-3s linked to better mental performance Researchers [...]
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Chiropractic helps blood pressure – Good Morning America
On March 25, 2008, the ABC morning show, “Good Morning America” aired a segment with Robin Roberts showing how chiropractic helps high blood pressure. The parallel story also appeared on [...]
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Aerobic vs. Anaerobic
There appears to be a great deal of controversy over which is the preferred type of metabolic training – aerobic or anaerobic? Metabolic training involves performing specific exercises that are [...]
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Reality Bytes – Quotes & Stats
Aspartame  (NutraSweet®) was first approved in 1974. It was then taken off the market in 1975 due to many health complaints. The financial backers of the toxic sweetener then forked [...]
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