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Breast Feeding shows additional benefits for Mother and Baby
An article from the May 14, 2001 issue of WebMD showed unexpected additional benefits of breast-feeding to both mother and child.  The unique benefits had nothing to do with the [...]
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Seven steps to preventing Childhood Ear Infections
Seven Steps to Preventing Childhood Ear Infection Do you know a child who suffers from recurrent ear infections? By age two, 66% of children withstand at least one episode of [...]
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Kids get their daily fix
Every day millions of children worldwide line up and get their dose of a mind-altering drug. The drug – pushed by reputable drug companies and their sales force, the medical [...]
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Breastfeeding is best for baby
Two separate stories from the February 27, 2002 and March 27, 2002 issues of Intelihealth both tout the benefits of breastfeeding. One of the articles starts off by explaining the [...]
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More children going to Chiropractors
The June 6, 2002 issue of the Boston Globe reports on a phenomenon becoming more common, children under chiropractic care. The story states: “Chiropractors’ offices, once filled with middle-aged construction [...]
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