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Fluoridation: A Cash Crop for Industrial Pollution
By Darryl Roundy, DC The fluoridation products used for our drinking water come directly from industry. They are known to be contaminated with mercury fluoride, polonium fluoride (one milligram of [...]
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Fluoride Research
by Darryl Roundy, DC The following is a list of articles and research that I have compiled over the last couple years (or so). I presented this material to the [...]
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How Cord Clamp Injures Your Babies Brain
This paper describes a major error in modern obstetrical practice, namely, routine premature clamping of the umbilical cord. Some sections require medical knowledge for full comprehension and the language is [...]
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Chiropractic Effectiveness
For Acute Low-Back Problems: “For patients with acute low-back symptoms without radiculopathy, the scientific evidence suggests spinal manipulation is effective in reducing pain and perhaps speeding recovery within the first [...]
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