Correcting Subluxations – the Atlas Orthogonists Key to Renewed Health

If the spinal vertebrae are misaligned in such a way as to bring pressure and irritation to the nerves which travel through their openings . . . a condition exists, which is referred to as “subluxation”.

Since these nerves serve all parts of the body, providing a vital pathway to and from the brain, any subluxation that hinders or disrupts their function endangers the well-being of the entire body. These subluxations may be of an acute nature, causing sudden painful symptoms or the chronic type, which may result in long-term, painful degeneration and resulting impairment. Actually though, subluxations don’t cause symptoms – they cause decreased function of the nervous system, which by itself will ultimately lead to symptoms.

Subluxations are often deceiving since the symptoms may appear at a point in the body far from the cause. Simple treatment of the symptom alone is generally fruitless. The longer the cause of the problem is allowed to exist, the longer and more difficult it is to correct. Care must be based on the doctor’s findings, not on symptoms alone, therefore it is important to follow your Chiropractor’s recommendations.

In correcting subluxations, the Chiropractor employs a number of proven, effective techniques. To detect and locate the problem area, the Chiropractor may employ a chiropractic spinal examination and X-rays. When the area of misalignment has been precisely located, the doctor expertly guides the misaligned vertebrae back toward its proper position.

Once the source of subluxation has been relieved and the pressure/interference on the nerves eliminated, the body generally responds quickly and returns to normal, maximum health.

Restoring the body’s healthful functions through expertly applied, painless adjustments to the spine, has for years, been the philosophy and method of care of the Atlas Orthogonist.

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