Dr. Roundy is back in the office!

I want to give a big “heartfelt” THANK YOU to everyone who sent cards, prayers and healing vibes my way – it meant the world to me to have so many people in my corner during a time of need and recovery.

While I might not be 100% after my heart surgery, I’m confident that I’m at least 93% and am making daily/weekly progress ?  As many of you know, I was born with a heart defect that has resulted in 5 surgeries, with this one being my last (fingers crossed).

Our mission is to, “Empower others to thrive through optimal function, food and fitness.”  I know with total certainty that had I not been taking good care of myself prior to (and after) the surgery, my outcome would not be as good as it has been.  I continue to focus on a well functioning nervous system through chiropractic as this controls and coordinates all body functions, optimal diet and strength training 5-days/week.

Again, thank you for all of your well-wishes!  I look forward to seeing you soon for your health optimizing chiropractic care!

In health,
Dr. Roundy

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