Fluoridation: A Cash Crop for Industrial Pollution

By Darryl Roundy, DC

The fluoridation products used for our drinking water come directly from industry. They are known to be contaminated with mercury fluoride, polonium fluoride (one milligram of polonium gives off as much radiation as five grams of radium), cadmium fluoride and fluorosilicates. “When a fluoride ion (F) combines with another element, the total toxicity of the two can become greater than the sum of the individual components. This means that if a child is exposed to what is considered a safe level of lead, a much lower exposure of lead-fluoride could cause the child to exhibit lead poisoning symptoms.”

Naturally occurring fluoride-containing water is complexed with calcium and/or magnesium. This fluoride-containing water is 20-25 times less toxic than what is used artificially. The original dosage recommendations established over 50 years ago were arbitrary, based on naturally fluoridated water.

The aluminum industry was the first big business to profit from fluoridation in the 1940s. In the 1970s, the EPA forced the phosphate fertilizer manufacturers to recover fluoride-laden pollutants, this being quite profitable for the fertilizer manufacturers. When asked why the EPA cooperates with a water fluoridation effort that clearly violates federal law, Steve Speigle, one of its attorneys, said, “It is the EPA policy to encourage industry to find markets for recovered pollutants.”

The American Dental Association’s (ADA) “bible” on fluoridation is known as the “White Paper on Fluoridation,” (1979). In this report it states that, “Individual dentists must be convinced that they need not be familiar with scientific reports and field investigations on fluoridation to be effective participants and that non-participation is overt neglect of personal responsibility.” In a sense, “close your eyes to all of the science and do as we tell you to do.”

According to the 5th edition of “Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products,” fluoride is rated as very toxic to extremely toxic (numerical rating 4-5). As reference, lead is given a rating of moderately toxic to very toxic (numerical rating 3-4). What’s more alarming is that the EPA has set the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for lead at 0.015 ppm (parts per million) with a goal of reaching 0.00 ppm and the MCL for fluoride at 4.0 ppm! This means that a substance more toxic than lead is allowed by the federal government to be in our water in concentrations of more than 250 times higher than that of lead!

According to the ADA, only children ages 10-12 and younger (6% of Washington’s population) benefit from fluoride and water fluoridation. Only 1% of our municipal water supply is used for consumption, the rest is used for agriculture, business, landscaping, bathing, etc. State wide, taxpayers are spending millions for the supposed benefit of 6% of the population through 1% of the water; would you make the same investment with these statistics? In Tacoma, taxpayers spend approximately $125,000/year to fluoridate!

As a result of toxic amounts of fluoride ingestion, millions of children and adults are inflicted with dental fluorosis, a cosmetically unpleasant appearance of white, yellow, black or brown splotchy spots on the teeth (mottling) which also makes the teeth more susceptible to cracking and chipping. Today, the incidence of dental fluorosis ranges from 40% to 84% of the children in fluoridated areas.

According to the FDA, fluorides (fluorosilicicates) are listed as an “UNAPPROVED NEW PRESCRIPTION DRUG.” Furthermore, the EPA classifies these same fluorides as a “HAZARDOUS WASTE.” A spill of 100 lbs. or more must be reported to the EPA.

Fluoridation violates basic medical ethics by performing mass medication without warning or written consent to name a few. For a child to receive fluoride supplements or vitamin preparations of 1 mg (suggested optimum daily amount), the family must get a written prescription from a medical doctor who by law must obtain written consent which entails explaining the known or possible side-effects. In fluoridated areas of 1 ppm (part per million) such as Tacoma, the consumption of 1 quart of water (~4 glasses) renders an ingested dose of 1mg (the suggested optimum / maximum).

Fluoridation is also illegal because of discrimination. It discriminates against people who wish to drink more than 4 glasses of water per day. It further discriminates against African-Americans, who are more susceptible to dental fluorosis, the elderly, people with calcium, magnesium, and/or vitamin C deficiencies, and people with diabetes, kidney disorders, chemical sensitivities and hypo-thyroidism. Realizing this, the ADA, through endorsing, promoting and/or imposing water fluoridation, have acted without regard to the risks involved, which is considered an intentional tort.

  • Fluoride is excreted by the kidneys, therefore any impairment to the kidneys would make that individual more susceptible to the toxic effects of fluoride.ix
  • “People over the age of 50 often have decreased renal [kidney] fluoride clearance.”ix
  • “Poor nutrition increases the incidence and severity of dental fluorosis (Murray and Wilson 1948); Pandit et al. 1940) and skeletal fluorosis (Pandit et al. 1940).”ix

Many reports show that individuals living in fluoridated areas are subject to the ingestion of 5 mg or more per day of fluoride. This is through the consumption of sodas, coffee, tea, processed foods made in fluoridated regions, inhalation, absorption through bathing, toothpaste, mouth-wash, produce grown with chemical fertilizer and the list goes on. This should alarm you knowing that you are capable of ingesting more than FIVE times the recommended “safe” dose. You should also be alarmed to find that fluorotic bone disease or skeletal fluorosis has been found in areas with as little as 0.73 ppm.

In a recent conversation with a water engineer at Tacoma Public Utilities, I was informed that they (T.P.U.) are now contemplating the addition of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), an alkalizing agent, to our water. They will add this powerful alkaline in hopes of buffering the acidic effects of fluorosilicicates. With this they will need more equipment, more training, more man power and more tests. How much more is that going to cost taxpayers? How many more chemicals are we going to stomach before we say “enough is enough?”

Everyone agrees that the primary reason for caries (cavities) is carbohydrate metabolism or the break down of sugars. When the sugars break down, an acid is formed which weakens and eats at the enamel of teeth. If the “true” concern is dental caries, pull fluoride out of the water and educate the parents and children on proper hygiene, diet and above all, the elimination of sucrose (table sugar).

Note: The statistics and specific information relating to fluoride in this article were taken from writings by George Glasser.

“Now I know what is happening! Executives and bureaucrats are meeting behind closed doors and are determined to sell fluoride into our bodies at all costs. Secrecy has always been complete in industry because of their exclusive patent or product rights. The salary is on the line for bureaucrats, which closes the circle. People have been fired who dared to challenge this pact in the EPA and the American Chemical Society.”

Gerald F. Judd, Ph.D. Chemist
18 years Research and Industry
29 years Professor of Chemistry
Member Emeritus, American Chemical Society
Elected Researcher, Sigma Xi Research Fraternity
Alpha Chi Sigma Professional Chemical Fraternity
Manhattan Authority atomic award for research on fluoride

—Dr. Judd goes on to report…

Fortunately, in 1992 the NPTA (National Parent Teachers Association) divorced themselves from the scheme. Six cities or counties In the USA likewise gave it up In 1991: Cumberland, MD; Weston, MO; Palm Beach, FL; Long Island, NY; Uvalde, TX and Ketchikan, Alaska. San Antonio, TX and Los Angeles, CA voted out of it a few years ago. Albany, NY and Portland, OR opted out in 1994 and Monte Vista, CO voted it down 5-1 one month ago (October 1995). Canadian cities are also opting out due to the efforts of Dr. Richard Foulkes, Elsa Babiuk, Elroy Belbeck and others: Campbell River, BC Comox Courtney, BC Port Hardy, BC Squamish, BC Wasilla, BC

Finland, Sweden and Holland, all non-fluoridated, have a better record for a 20-year decay reduction in children, 1965-1985 (98, 82, 72%), than the 60% fluoridated US (50%).

Four studies involving 480,000 children (US, 39,000; Japan, 22,000; India, 400,000; Tucson, 29,000) proves fluoridation causes 2x the lifetime decay. US teeth are a shambles: 17-year-olds average 12 decay spots, 44-year-olds, 30, and 42% of those over 65 have no natural teeth. Blacks and poverty-stricken people have 2x this decay and American Indians 4x (J Pub Health Dent, November 1993).

A summary of the effects of 1 ppm fluoridated water on the population is as follows (per Dr. Judd):

  1. Decay doubles due to enzyme destruction and tooth contamination.
  2. 41% more people have eggshell white, off-color and brittle teeth (fluorosis, mottling).
  3. 84% more brittle bones are found in the aged.
  4. 66 out of 82 enzymes, including cytochrome-C, which handles oxygen, are destroyed. Cholinesterase (nerve and muscle relaxer) is destroyed at .0095 ppm. Ca ADP (calcium, adenosine diphosphatase, a tooth-forming enzyme), loses all activity at .00038 ppm.
  5. Genetic change occurs in the sperm and other cells at 0.2 ppm.
  6. 5x normal heart death occurred in senior citizens in Antigo, Wl. This 15-year study was made by Isabel Jansen, RN, inventor and internationally recognized researcher.
  7. Down’s Syndrome increased 250% in 2 studies of 4 states, by Dr. I. Rapaport, Ph.D.
  8. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) allergic symptoms are identical to those of fluoridated water consumption.
  9. Infant mortality excess for blacks in DC, 50 years fluoridation, is 4x, and for whites 3x the average for the US population. Utah and Nevada (lowest F), have the least infant mortality.
  10. Infant birth defects increased 3x and mortality 2x in Chilean cities during their failed dental experiment with fluoridation brought to light by Dr. Albert Schatz, streptomycin discoverer.
  11. 61,000, perhaps 3x more, excess US cancer deaths occur per year (80% more rectal).
  12. Miscarriages and spontaneous abortions increase.
  13. 113 side effects occur: AIDS, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, immobility, blindness, neural deafness, bladder and urinary tract injury; blood loss in kidney, uterus and vagina; bruises, cancer, Chizzola macula, collapsing legs, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth; 13 allergies proven by double blind tests (Moolenburgh) with 12 physicians, 1 pharmacist, 1 attorney, and 60 patients; Down’s Syndrome, 70% cataracts; epileptic seizures, fatigue, weakness, loss in strength, fluorosis, genetic chromosome change, severe headaches, large heart death increase, hemorrhages in skin, incoherence, inner ear disorder, intestinal cramps, constipation, itching, mental depression, mental concentration inability, lower IQ, nasal disease, nausea, nystagmus (involuntary movement of eyes); pain in bones, muscles, intestines, bowels, head, spine, and stomach; polyuria (frequent urination), scotoma (vision spots), seizures, spastic bowels, stomach bloat, cramps, stomatitis (lip cracks), tendon-ligament calcification, thyroid calcification, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), ulcers in the mouth, skin eruption around the mouth, vision blurring, vomiting, weight loss, and carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive stress injuries).
  14. All viral diseases are enhanced. Fluorine (F) destroys and slows down antibodies at 0.1 ppm.


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