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I just returned from a weekend with Dr. Patrick Gentempo, creator of Vaccines Revealed.  Dr. Gentempo is releasing a new 9-part series called “GMO’s Revealed” and will soon release a series called “Christ Revealed.”

They’ve gathered an impressive team of experts to uncover and share the disturbing truths about a serious threat lurking in so much of what we eat.

GMO’s Revealed delves deep into the ways that genetically modified foods (and the toxic chemicals they are made to resist) are wreaking havoc on our bodies and causing serious damage to the environment.

This important docu-series will be broadcasting exclusive content in a 9-day event, from August 22nd to August 31st.

I want to make sure that you have access to the eye-opening facts shared in GMO’s Revealed, so I’m sharing how you can watch the whole series for FREE here.

I was shocked to discover that over 75% of the processed foods on grocery store shelves contain GMO’s and that close to 90% of the corn grown in the US has been genetically manipulated.

In this series, the disturbing marriage of toxic weed killer and modified seeds is uncovered.  See exactly how a chemical originally created as a powerful mineral descaled for industrial pipes and boilers has made its way into our food, piggy-backing on plants genetically designed to be “Roundup Ready.”

That’s right, GMO’s were created specifically to tolerate glyphosate, a TOXIN known to cause cancer and many of the diseases we are seeing today in epidemic proportions.

In this series, the corruption behind Monsanto and other large seed and chemical corporations is exposed in astounding ways.

They know their products are making us sick . . . and you will be shocked by the cover-ups, media manipulation and unethical behavior that has been quietly going on behind the scenes.

GMO’s Revealed brings you the true story behind an industry that is one of the biggest silent threats of our time, and you can watch it FREE from August 22nd to August 31st.

I hope you’ll join me for this exclusive, worldwide event by CLICKING HERE now.

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Dr. Roundy

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