Health, it’s as simple as that

It seems that every other week, a new miracle drug is created, only to find several thousand patients later or decades later, that the drug damages the organs, body or the unborn, or all of the above. Does a weight-loss drug come to mind? How about DES? What about children’s Tylenol and the deaths and liver damage it brought?

Unlike everything else in “Health Care” (better known as Crisis Care) today, the Chiropractic message remains the same as it has for the last 102 years! Chiropractic’s message is simple: The human body is intelligent and is equipped with an inborn or innate intelligence that regulates and heals the body. That same intelligence that combined the egg (ova) and sperm and oversaw the development of your 100 trillion cells is with you today!

This innate intelligence is all throughout your body and is guided by the masterful direction of your nervous system (brain & nerves). The brain is the powerhouse (if you will) and the spinal cord and spinal nerves are the conduit that transmit the vital messages to all parts of your body. The spinal nerves exit from between spinal bones (vertebrae) and from there, spread to all parts of your body. If a spinal bone misaligns or subluxates, interference to this masterful expression is produced.

A chiropractors sole purpose is to locate, analyze and correct these subluxations (Vertebral Subluxation Complex – VSC) with the intent of removing the interference to the beautiful expression of life.

If you cut a finger, who or what heals it? Is it the doctor, Band-Aid, antiseptic? Of course not. Your body heals it and knows exactly what to do. Every cell in the human body is the most perfect pharmacy – every cell produces its own chemicals needed for survival and produces them in the right quantity, quality and at the right moment.

Think about it! All organs and systems in your body must work together for the good of the whole. This is known as “wholism” or more commonly “holistic” or “vitalistic.” Your heart beats not for itself, but for the good of the whole body. Your liver detoxifies not for itself, but for the good of the whole body. You get the idea.

What would happen if your organs became self-serving? What if they didn’t care what was going on in the body? Your body spends 90% of its’ energy adapting to the environment, foods, air, etc. Vertebral subluxations disrupt this adaptive ability. If this delicate balance is disrupted, sickness ensues. If the communication from your brain to any part of your body is interfered with, it affects the whole.

If your heart only worked at 70%, how could you operate at 100%? What if this happened to your liver, kidneys, spleen, lymph glands, gall bladder, etc.? If any part of your body functions at anything less than 100%, you can not be at your optimum!

Chiropractic strives to help people function at their optimum by removing any interference (subluxation) to their inborn expression of health. It’s as simple as that!

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