I’m Concerned

It became apparent to me the other day how many patients come in to our office for care (correction of interference to the expression of optimum well-being), and yet their husband/wife/children are left at home.  Is it something I said?  Or, did I fail to express the importance of family care?  Is the failure to bring in your whole family due to time and/or financial constraints?  Whatever it is that is keeping the whole family from benefiting from Chiropractic care, please bring it to my attention so that it may be promptly addressed.

I have chosen a path to serve humanity by a means that no other health care profession can provide.  This service is known as a Chiropractic adjustment.  The adjustment removes interference to the innate healing capabilities of the human body.  A body free of nerve interference is a body functioning at its’ peak genetic capabilities.

Imagine the benefits to society if everyone you know were functioning at their highest possible level!  What about everyone in the city?  The state?  Or, the whole country?

Chiropractic is not a panacea or cure-all, but Chiropractic safely adds “years to your life and life to your years!”

Many of you eat a good diet and some also take nutritional supplements; this is something that most of you realize you will do for your whole life and do on a very regular basis.  Others of you exercise and plan to do so for your whole life, also on a very regular basis.  These are just two examples of maintenance for the human body.  You will also note that they are life-long endeavors that should be performed regularly.

Chiropractic is no different – it’s a healthful practice designed to be utilized your whole life.  I’ve heard people say, “if you go to a Chiropractor once, you’ll HAVE TO go your whole life.”  Nothing could be further from the truth – everyone always has the option to decide how long they wish to benefit from care.  Personally, I get checked for subluxation once a week and will continue to do so my whole life.  I also eat well regularly, exercise regularly, brush my teeth regularly and drink pure water daily and will continue to do so my whole life – it’s only logical.

How come no one ever says, “If you brush your teeth, you’ll have to do so for the rest of your life?”  Or, “If you own a car, you’ll have to get the oil changed for the rest of your life?”  While this may sound absurd, they are all maintenance practices.  All things worth having in life require regular maintenance.  Personally, I regard my health as being the most important aspect of my life – without health, how can you enjoy anything else?

While diet and exercise are very important for optimum health, they are dependent upon a body that is working efficiently.  For example, if a subluxation (nerve interference) is affecting the function of the stomach to a point were it’s only at 85% of optimum, are you getting all the benefit out of a good diet?  Are you getting your money’s worth out of your supplements?  Of course not.

All systems of the body are connected and interrelated to one-another.  For example, if the heart is only functioning at 90%, the rest of the body is compromised – you’re only as good as your weakest link.  (see also, “Safety Pin Cycle”)

Whether or not someone has pain and/or complaints, everyone should be checked for the health robbing and devastating effects of vertebral subluxation (nerve interference).  Subluxations, like 80% of the cancers, go on without any symptoms.  Why wait for your health to leave before anything is done about it?  We all understand that we need to brush our teeth to avoid cavities – I don’t know of anyone who waits for cavities to appear, only then to institute a regular brushing regimen!
Our nation’s level of health continues to plummet because we’ve been inaccurately taught to “wait for sickness and disease” before we take care of ourselves.  It’s time for us to realize the error of our ways and commit to healthy lifestyles and take a proactive position towards our optimum well-being.

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