Keep your cell phone out of your bra!

This is advice and counsel coming from epidemiologist, Devra Lee Davis, the author of “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family”

One of the practices Davis is most concerned about is a woman placing her cell phone in her bra and leaving it there for hours as she goes about her day using a Blue-Tooth type device to make and receive calls. Persons, who use their phones this way, report reddening and warming of the skin in the vicinity of the phone. Recently, patients have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the exact areas where the phones were tucked away, could be coincidental but could also be an association folks oughta know about and pay attention to. Davis does not eschew the use of technology rather promotes the smart use of smart phones!

These devices are small microwave radios that generate a steady stream of emissions. The breast is thought to be particularly vulnerable due to the combination of fatty tissue and hormonally active and responsive tissue that is prone to cancerous activity to begin with. The City of San Francisco, as of January 2011, will require any and all sellers of cell phones to provide consumers with the estimated “Specific Absorption Rate” or SAR for cellular devices. If you bother to read the fine print of the information that comes with your latest handheld bit of wizardry, you will find statements indicating that FCC guidelines for safe exposure CAN be exceeded and the iPhone manual states “users are responsible for protecting themselves.”

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