October 30, 2013

Killer Breakfast Smoothie

So many people have asked what we do for breakfast since we don’t eat grain – well, here it is . . . the Killer Breakfast Smoothie!

First things first . . . we love the Vitamix – blends everything up perfectly. On this particular model, we just set it on the smoothie mode and it works out perfectly.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to scale this recipe to the number of people – this batch was for our family of four.

Ingredients (the basics):
2 – Organic bananas
1 – cup of frozen organic strawberries
1 – cup of coconut milk
7 – TBSP of Carlson orange flavored fish oil
6 – scoops of whey protein (Vital Whey)
3-4 cups of organic baby spinach (or Kale)
Cinnamon to taste
Add water for desired texture – I typically fill up the blender 1/2 way.

Additional ingredients:
Vitamin C powder
Kelp powder
Ultima Electrolyte drink mix (primarily for flavor – cherry or raspberry works best)

This turns out to be a perfect breakfast with plenty of greens, good fat (omega-3, MCT) and moderate protein. We all love it and it holds us over perfectly well until lunch time:-)

I like to add the dry ingredients into the middle of the spinach so that when we turn on the Vitamix, it has some insulation and doesn’t get stuck on the lid.

Here it is just before adding water and blending.

Breakfast is served! Of course, papa bear gets the big glass!

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