Landmark Legal Decision Supports Chiropractic

Further validation of chiropractic care evolved from an antitrust suit which was filed by four members of the chiropractic profession against the American Medical Association (AMA) and a number of other health care organization in the U.S. (Wilk et al v. AMA et al, 1990).

Following 11 years of litigation, a federal appellate court judge upheld a ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Susan Getzendanner that the AMA had engaged in a “lengthy, systematic, successful and unlawful boycott” designed to restrict cooperation between MDs and chiropractors in order to eliminate the profession of chiropractic as a competitor in the U.S. health care system.

Judge Getzendanner rejected the AMAs patient care defense, and cited scientific studies which implied that “chiropractic care was twice as effective as medical care in relieving many painful conditions of the neck and back as well as related musculo-skeletal problems.”

Since the court’s findings and conclusions were released, an increasing number of medical doctors,hospitals, and health care organizations in the U.S. have begun to include the services of chiropractors.

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