Misalignment Does Not ”Just Happen“

The causes of spinal misalignment are many and varied. Some are more obvious than others, such as those caused by accidental injury to the spine. Trauma of this nature demands immediate attention because of the pain and immobility that generally accompanies it. Other causes can be far less visible. They tend to happen slowly, and since the onset of symptoms is equally slow, we tend to get used to the discomfort or even learn to ignore it until its effects become so painful or disabling that we are driven to find relief.

Poor posture, bad sleeping habits, or improper lifting and carrying of heavy loads are only a few of the many causes of spinal misalignment. The causes may vary but the results are substantially the same… gradual displacement of the cervical vertebrae and the resulting dysfunction of the spine, and ultimately, the entire body. It is here that the Chiropractic Doctor applies his special training and skills; not simply in relieving the painful symptoms, but searching out and removing the underlying causes of the problem. The process of bringing the spinal structure back to its normal condition often requires the retraining of those muscles and ligaments which have become weakened and stretched through long periods of misuse. This retraining process begins with the first adjustment, but generally requires a series of carefully planned treatments to fully achieve permanent correction.

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