Pain Relievers: an American Drug Problem

by Darryl Roundy, DC

Why is it that we as a society have become chemically dependent and out of touch with our own health? For many people, the first sign of an ache or pain results in the immediate consumption of drugs to alleviate the symptoms.

If your car was low on oil, would any of you put your finger over the red warning light? If you answered “No,” then why would you want to take a chemical to cover-up your bodies own proverbial warning lights? If you answered “yes,” I think you need more help than what this article has to offer!

This type of mentality equates with that of a four year old playing peek-a-boo or an ostrich hiding its head in the sand. Taking a chemical to relieve a symptom is like saying “if I don’t feel it, it must not be there” or “if I’m oblivious to it, maybe it will go away.”

If drugs enhanced the health of the human body, don’t you think we would have a really healthy nation? Sadly enough, we are one of the sickest nations. The World Health Organization ranks us as #25 on the list of overall health and 19th on the list of infant mortality. What this means is that we are FAR from healthy and each year we are forcing ourselves further down the list. We spend more money than any other country, we have superior technology and yet we are getting sicker and sicker each day……Why?

The answer to this question is very simple. We are getting further from true health because we are doing everything within our power to make ourselves truly sick!

How can anyone expect to find health by ingesting a chemical which is synthesized in a laboratory and composed of many toxic substances? I once had a teacher in Chiropractic school say, “you can’t make taffy from cat manure” (except, she didn’t say manure). The fact is this: ANYTIME you take a foreign chemical your body has to detoxify the substance and then expel it. In the mean time, while its circulating in your body it has the opportunity to pollute and poison every tissue it comes in contact with.

The chemical, after making its course through the body, has to stop at the liver where the body, in its “ever-knowing wisdom,” has to figure out how to dispose of something completely un-natural in which it has never had to deal with before. Once the liver solves the problem to the best of its ability (which many times results in damage to the liver), it then sends the substance to the kidneys and bowel for elimination. The bowel and kidneys are then subject to damage in the process of elimination.

In 1994, Tylenol™ lost an $8.8 million dollar lawsuit because a consumer suffered massive liver failure which necessitated a liver transplant. Just recently, the prestigious British Medical Journal published a report which stated that one acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol™) taken every four days increases the risk of kidney disease 2.4 times! Further, one Ibuprofen (the active ingredient in Motrin™ and Advil™) taken every four days increases the risk of kidney disease 8.8 times!

What’s scary is that people eat these things up like candy!! What’s worse is that these side-effects are mild compared to a lot of the other drugs out there. Everyday I ask patients if they take this junk and many reply “I only take one or two a day” some reply “I many times take 4-8 a day.” To top that, some patients are on seven or eight different medications….who knows what kind of side-effects, interactions or damage to the body is taking place?!?

People don’t seem to be scared or worried about taking these poisons because the media, drug companies or the FDA have not made an effort to warn the public adequately. If you teach the general public that living a chiropractic lifestyle (being free of spinal interference, proper nutrition, and exercise) is health producing, the pharmaceutical companies, advertisers and big business lose profit.

Plain and simple, health comes from within. The late B.J. Palmer once said, “The body heals itself from above, down, inside out.” What he meant by that statement was that the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls and regulates EVERY single cell in the human body. If the signals from your brain are not getting to the diseased organs or tissues, or if they’re receiving distorted signals, the tissues and organs will never escape their diseased state.

There isn’t a single drug in the world that can restore the “brain cell / tissue cell” communication. That “lack of communication” or spinal misalignment (subluxation) can only be restored through a specific chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment removes nerve interference and allows the body to function at its’ 100% potential.

The “Tube”–Our Own Worst Enemy!

Television teaches us that if your belly hurts, drug it……if your back hurts, drug it……if your head hurts, drug it……if you have a cold, drug it……if you feel sick, drug it……if you have diarrhea, drug it……if you have constipation, drug it……if you have gas, drug it……if you’re depressed, drug it……if you can’t sleep, drug it……if you’re overweight, drug it……if you can’t stay awake, drug it……if ANYTHING is bothersome, noticeable or unwanted, DRUG IT!!

Would you give toxic chemicals to a healthy person? Surely not. That would pollute their system. Then why would a sick person take a toxic chemical? How can anyone take a noxious substance and expect the end result to be health? After all, you can’t make taffy from cat dung!

It Is Physically Impossible To Fully Experience Life If Your Body Is Numb To Its Environment!

Many believe that it’s abnormal to experience any type of discomfort, ache or pain, or so it would seem by watching any amount of television. Aches and pains are the body’s way of telling us that we’ve done something wrong (damage) or need to change a particular habit. A headache is not our body telling us that we’re deficient in Tylenol™ and require immediate supplementation! A stomachache is not our body screaming out that we need something pink to drink.

Perhaps the headache was the bodies way of saying there is nerve interference, or your job is too stressful, or you had too much coffee, or not enough to eat. Either way, the body is saying “things aren’t right.” Be a detective and figure out what’s wrong. By taking the chemicals all you’re doing is masking the problem, not solving it.

A quick test: If you drive over a deep pot-hole in the road and soon thereafter notice that the tires on your car are beginning to wear funny, would you rather:

1. frequently replace the tires
2. frequently replace the tires and years later replace the prematurely worn bearings
3. correct the car’s mis-alignment in the beginning costing about $49.95.

I think the choice is obvious. Why doesn’t everybody strive to correct the cause and not the symptom? Taking drugs to give temporary comfort is just like replacing the tires….it doesn’t solve the problem.

Illegal Drugs Are Not Our Only Drug Problem!

Parents are so quick to tell their children not to drink, smoke or take “illegal” drugs. Why aren’t we telling our children to “say NO to ALL drugs” whether pushed or prescribed? Children learn by example and if everyone around them is taking something for every little complaint, why can’t they take amphetamines or smoke crack when they don’t feel “just right?”

The drug problem (for both legal and illegal drugs) is not getting any better, in fact, it’s getting worse and children are starting sooner.

Ask any school teacher if they’ve noticed an increase in children taking medication….undoubtedly the answer is “YES.” More and more children are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) and then placed on behavior altering drugs. Of course the child is now manageable, but how can that child learn or concentrate while on those drugs? Hyperactivity is another biggy! Let’s give the kids “downers” so they’ll sit in their seat and behave.

Can Personality Be Changed Without Drugs?

Instead of drugging the kids, why not check their spine for nerve irritation? Further, why not remove the cokes, Twinkies™, Ding Dongs™, gum, suckers, Gummie Bears™, candy bars and all other traces of sugar from their diet? Why not replace their highly processed “Mac ‘N Cheese” with fresh wholesome vegetables and whole grains? I can guarantee if you follow these suggestions, you will be the proud owner of a completely different child.

It’s my opinion that the television is the biggest problem in our societies irresponsible, pseudo-educational brainwashing program. Children are programmed by their desires of what’s seen on the “Boob Tube.” Advertisers could make a frontal lobotomy look “Cool” and the next thing you know, little Johnny wants one.

On the average, every third commercial on TV is a drug commercial. Statistically, given the average amount of TV a person watches from childhood through the age of 18 and knowing the ratio and length of drug commercials, it is estimated that if you were to play all of the drug commercials back to back, you would have to let the TV play for over two years, 365 days per year and 24 hours a day! This is the equivalent of having an associate degree in useless non-factual over-the-counter drug therapy.

Where would children ever get the idea that drugs help us or make us better??? Sadly enough, they’re programmed the moment you teach them what a TV is. Do yourself and your children a favor……Kill your TV! Then when withdrawals “kick in,” plant a book in their hands….you’ll be amazed at what grows.

One Last Analogy

If you hit yourself in the head with a large hammer, aspirin may ease the pain. Wouldn’t it have been nice though if someone taught you not to hit your head with the hammer? If you eat a hot-dog, a slice of watermelon, a piece of fudge, a scoop of ice cream and a diet soda and soon after have a full-blown stomachache, Rolaids™ may ease the pain, but someone should have taught you about food combining and proper dietary guidelines.

Knowledge is power. If you don’t know the whole truth, how can you make an intelligent and informed decision? If you fully understand the basic concept that drugs are foreign chemicals and poisons to the body, I have succeeded. If after reading and understanding all of this, you continue with your blatant disregard for your own health……what more can I do? At least I tried.

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