The staff is highly competant and likeable. I truely love coming to visit, and I always leave feeling so much better. They also do their best to work me in on short notices.

Austynn K

Doctor and staff are always friendly, knowledgeable, efficient & wonderful. They really care! thank you!

Anon A

After having mixed experiences with chiropractic care over the years, i can tell immediately fhat Dr. Roundy is the sort of doctor who really wants to partner with you in your health care. Whether you utilize his services for your primary method of care or augment other forms of treatment with his chiropractic services, I get the impression that he would work just as hard with both types of patients to treat and educate them. He is approachable, easy to talk to, and confident without being over-zealous. I would definitely recommend his care.

Emily C

I was greeted with friendly smiles from behind the counter upon arrival and directed to the exam room where Dr. Roundy expertly worked the kinks out of my aching back and neck. Then, Dr. Card and Dr. Ria positioned me on the decompression table and I had 30 minutes to take a wonderful snooze while my neck was being stretched.......then I had a few minutes icing........felt 100% better and was on my way for a busy day!

Nancy B

Very complete and felt like a new person when my adjustment was complete. You need to pain to see your chiropractic Doctor you need to visit often to keep from having a pain or serious condition occur. Choose the best Atlas in town when you do. Drs. Roundy and Chard are the two best I know and recommend.

Marguerite Y

Doug P. Spinal decompression patient. I went everywhere about my back bothering me after my accident. I Tried everything. I paid out of pocket for spinal decompression. It Helped me out greatly. I am on the road to a full recovery. I am not 100% YET. But with a torn/compressed disk. Its alot better. I still have some backpain, but its a ton better. Dr. Roundy is NOT in it for the money. He actually wants to help his patients. He works and cares about YOU. You have to see him. I would recommend him to EVERYONE. He is awesome.

Douglas P

Only my second visit but I am very pleased with all the staff and extremely pleased with how DR. Roundy took the time to explain everything he has planned for me on my road to better health!

Patricia R

My family and I love Atlas Family Chiropratic. The staff is genuine, friendly, full of knowledge and very professional. I tell all my friends and family to go to Atlas Chiropractic!

Corey P

Always a great experience!! Dr. Roundy continues to provide the best service around.

Timothy T

Dr. Roundy is a great Chiropractor. My family of 5 have been coming here now for years.

Meleah F

I'm an active teenage boy, and after the car accident it was difficult to keep my motivation to stay fit and have fun. Chiropractic helped me and still helps me to enjoy life comfortably and happily, and I look forward to every visit.

Anon A

Thank you so much to Dr. Roundy! My jaw was acting up this week after a dental procedure and getting my jaw adjusted was just what the doctor ordered!

Anon A

There is nothing better than a doctor that truly cares about his patients. Dr. Roundy not only keeps me away from the surgeons scapel but utilizes an educational caring approach in his practice that brings the doctor/patient relationship closer. Always the latest technique and resources are used to deliver the best results. Thank you for keeping a compromised spine out of pain!

Dr. Robert B

never felt better - great service

Anon A

Made a HUGE difference in my cold symptoms, and nice to have my head on straight again!

Linda F

We're always here to help you.