I love getting an adjustment with massage. I feel so much tension release and can finally relax my back,neck,shoulders. thanks

Austynn K

I am always impressed with the posh office and front desk staff. the level of customer service is very high, I feel like any one would take that one extra minute (that they really don't have to give away freely) to answer another one of my questions. I know that I can call up and make an appointment that day if I developed a headache that I can't get rid of on my own. I didn't even know that feet could be adjusted until I came to Atlas Chiro. I really appreciate that this is a "teaching" office, meaning that everyone truly wants to help me understand what is happening and how a specific technique or tool is used to help me. I feel that Atlas Chiro and especially Dr Card are permanent tools in my arsenal against pain and migraines. thank you! thank you! thank you! Sheli Card

Michelle C

I was in a truck accident and afterwards I was suffering from headaches that were not going away no matter what I tried. I had to skip for a while, because I wasn't sure if my treatment would be covered by insurance. I have treated with a great deal of respect and never felt like they were trying to have me have more treatments than what I need. Thank you. Richard Hansen

Richard H

I have been a patient for years and every time that I need help with my headaches Dr. Roundy is ALWAYS there for me! Thank you Dr. Roundy and Staff!

Timothy T

With regular visits my back has stayed in the best shape it has been in years. It's great to not be in pain! Thank you Dr. Roundy!

Dr. Robert B

I was very thankful that I could stop at Atlas Chiropractic after having a spill while skiing the weekend before. They were great about finding me an open appointment and straighten me out:)

Frances B

The staff is always personable and friendly. I am seen in a reasonable period of time.

Lonnie S

I travel hours to get to the help of Dr. Roundy and his professional team! After years of Chiropractic care under the hands of numerous Chiropractors, I have found a docter and his office, who possess the precision skill to make the difference in my quality of life. Dr Roundy has the honesty and humility in his character and care that makes me trust him and his office staff fully. The price for services are fair and just. Watching Docter's care and treatment of my aging parents and witnessing their pain decreased also, through all this office has available for treatment moves me to recommend it highly.

Terri M

Very courteous, knowledgeable, professional service.

Kristin A

I've been a patient for many years and this office has it all. The office is warm and inviting, it's always clean and the staff are amazing. I can't imagine going any place else. I recommend this office to everyone as it doesn't get any better than this!

Anon A

After throwing my back out at the gym, I came straight in for an adjustment and a decompression treatment. I was in tears most of the time, and was in SO MUCH pain. After three days in a row of decompression treatments, I have almost no pain, and am able to resume my normal "mom" duties. I'm so thankful for all the staff at Atlas Chiropractic!

Kristin W

The first day I was still uncomfortable, but it slowly started feeling a little better. I really appreciated being seen on such short notice!

Pamela M

This place is great. They really care for their patients. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly

Anon A

I have been under care at Atlas Family Chiropractic for years. The Staff the Doctors and Massage Therapist are the best in town! Every time that I come in I feel like I am with my Family! Thank you for all of your EXCELLENT care and attention to my needs.

Anon A

I have been going to the atlas family for a month now and they are fantastic. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and I got quick results and they had me pain free in no time. Highly recommend

Samuel S

We're always here to help you.