Natural remedies for migraine relief
Sacramento Bee (CA) 08-19-13 Suffering from migraine headaches and can’t find a cure? There may be natural remedies that may help. Here are some holistic interventions that have been shown [...]
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May 3, 2012
No Deaths from Vitamins
America’s Largest Database Confirms Supplement Safety (OMNS, Dec 28, 2011) There was not even one death caused by a vitamin supplement in 2010, according to the most recent information collected [...]
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Multinutrient supplement reduces age-related decline in activity level in mice – 02/19/2010 An article published in the January, 2010 issue of the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine reveals the discovery by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario that [...]
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Antacids – something your body doesn’t need
I can’t tell you how many patients enter our office taking TUMS in hopes of increasing their daily calcium intake. To say this is a travesty is an understatement! If [...]
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Fish Oil for Everyone
Food for thought…these are some of the reasons I’m so passionate about clean fish oil for everyone… Study #1: Higher blood levels of omega-3s linked to better mental performance Researchers [...]
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