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Dr. Darryl Roundy
Dr. Darryl Roundy
President, Atlas Family Chiropractic PS
I was originally planning on becoming a dentist and was completing my college prerequisites when I was injured in two rear-end motor-vehicle-accidents within 2-days! I suffered significant, constant pain for the first time in my life and no one could provide relief or answers (medical care and physical therapy were treatments prescribed).
Dr. Nicole Long
Dr. Nicole Ruckman
Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Nicole Dr. Ruckman, formally known as Dr. Long, was born in Davenport, Iowa while her Dad attended Palmer Chiropractic College. After which, her family moved to a small town in Missouri, where she grew up as one of seven children in the chiropractic lifestyle. She studied Art and Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis,
Kami T. Office Manager
Office Manager & Billing
Kami was born and raised with her 9 brothers and sisters in Sonoma County, California. In 2002, she left sunny California in search of a change of pace.
Carrie R Chiropractic Assistant
Chiropractic Assistant
Carrie and Dr. Roundy officially met at the natural foods store where she worked for 5 years. She learned much in her experience there about how to live a healthy lifestyle and went on to be a massage therapist for 6-years.
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