What is an Atlas Orthogonist?

The ATLAS ORTHOGONIST (or thog’ ah nist) is a doctor in the field of Chiropractic, with training in the structure, function and bio-mechanics of the upper cervical spine. The structural balance of the human body is maintained by the precise interaction of the muscles which, under control of the nervous system, permit the skeletal framework to move and flex in a relatively unrestricted manner. Much of that complicated system of nerves is housed and protected by the spinal vertebrae. Ironically, these same spinal vertebrae are often the underlying cause of pain, loss of mobility and sensation when they are moved, by a variety of causes, out of proper alignment. This condition is referred to as “SUBLUXATION” (sub luk-sa’ shun). Since the human body is called upon to function largely in an upright position, its spinal column must be able to support its ever shifting weight as the body walks, runs, lifts and bends.

The normal curve of the spine is admirably suited to the task of comfortably keeping the body’s center of gravity properly positioned over its supporting legs. When the spine is curved abnormally because the spinal vertebras have slipped out of proper alignment, even by the smallest degree, profound consequences occur which may, if left untreated, affect the health of the entire body. This is especially true when misalignment occurs in the neck (cervical spine).

Chiropractors specialize in providing optimum potential and improved function of the nervous system by way of the spine. Many times, correcting vertebral subluxations result in dramatic improvements in the health of other parts of the body, not generally thought of as being associated with the spine.

Regardless of the cause, when the critical alignment of the spinal column is disturbed, nature tries immediately to repair and heal the damage. The Chiropractor’s specialized training uniquely equips the doctor to aid and speed up that healing process with advanced methods which, like natures own, are safe, effective and generally painless.

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