GMO’s Revealed

Posted by Darryl Roundy on August 15, 2017
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I just returned from a weekend with Dr. Patrick Gentempo, creator of “Vaccines Revealed“.  Dr. Gentempo is releasing a new 9-part series called “GMO’s Revealed” and will soon release a series called “Christ Revealed.” They’ve gathered an impressive team of experts to uncover and share the disturbing truths about a serious threat lurking in so much of what we eat. GMO’s Revealed delves deep into the ways that genetically modified foods (and the toxic chemicals they are

Dr. Roundy is back in the office!

Posted by Darryl Roundy on August 15, 2017
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I want to give a big “heartfelt” THANK YOU to everyone who sent cards, prayers and healing vibes my way – it meant the world to me to have so many people in my corner during a time of need and recovery. While I might not be 100% after my heart surgery, I’m confident that I’m at least 93% and am making daily/weekly progress ?  As many of you know, I was born with a

The BEST Mattress!

Posted by Darryl Roundy on January 17, 2015
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As many of you know, we sleep on and recommend IntelliBED as our preferred sleep system. Over the years, we have owned several mattresses from many of the top (popular) companies and have never found a mattress as supportive, comfortable and with the best (30 years) warranty as IntelliBED. Additionally, and most importantly, IntelliBED is completely non-toxic. It is free of the toxic chemical flame-retardants and instead uses a pressure distribution system that relies on
DWR Graduation
You’re invited to help us celebrate Dr. Roundy’s 20th year in chiropractic! From all of us at AFC, we want to show our thanks for your support over the years. Stop by and say Hello – we’ll be having appetizers, beer and wine. In addition, Kaitlyn will be using her barista skills to concoct some yummy (and healthy) drinks with Biopharma Scientific products – you’ll be amazed at what she can create! Feel free to
Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a commonly overlooked cause of back pain, yet affects 10-25% of patients with lower back issues. Located at the base of the spine within the pelvis, the sacroiliac joint can become misalignment or injured, resulting in back pain or sciatica. Unfortunately conventional treatments often fall short of providing adequate relief of this painful condition. A 2012 literature review evaluated 11 studies on the treatment of SI joint pain including injections of

Body Mass Index and Cancer

Posted by Darryl Roundy on August 21, 2014
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In the News – August 20, 2014 The Journal LANCET has published a very large study (Over 5 million individuals) examining the link between high body mass index (BMI) and 22 common cancers. Increased BMI appeared to be “roughly linearly associated” with increased risk of cancers of the uterus, thyroid, gallbladder, kidney, cervix and leukemia. There was also a positive association with liver, colon, ovarian and post menopausal breast cancer. Interestingly, BMI appeared to be
Compiled by Matthew McCoy and The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research Reduction in Arterial Blood Pressure Following Adjustment of Atlas to Correct Vertebral Subluxation: A Prospective Longitudinal Cohort Study Scott Torns, DC Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ August 11, 2014 ~ Pages 54-60 Atlas Vertebra Realignment and Arterial Blood Pressure Regulation in 42 Subjects Scott Torns DC Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ Issue 2 ~ April 24, 2012 ~ Pages 40-45
Older patients with very low levels of vitamin D have about a 122% increased risk for dementia compared with those with higher levels, according to a large, prospective, population-based study. The study provides “robust evidence” of the link between vitamin D and cognition and adds important new information to the association, said study author David J. Llewellyn, PhD, senior research fellow in clinical epidemiology, University of Exeter, United Kingdom. Although earlier research had also uncovered
If you’ve noticed that you always feel better after a chiropractic adjustment, there is now scientific documentation of why that is happening. To verify what occurs physiologically after spinal adjustments, scientists at the University of Spain took 30 graduate students with no symptoms and assigned them to receive cervical adjustments, thoracic adjustments, or no adjustments at all. Blood samples were taken before the adjustment, immediately after it, and two hours later. The scientists sought to

Unleashed Stadium Stair Climb

Posted by Darryl Roundy on August 3, 2014
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We’re so proud to be involved with such a great cause – Kindred Souls Foundation started a fundraising stair-climb at Stadium High School four years ago and the numbers of participants keeps growing. This year there were over 500 people taking part in the 1628 stair climb, which raises money for providing sanctuary to abandoned, abused and neglected cats and dogs. We first discovered Kindred Souls 8 years ago when we got our dog Lucy
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