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Focusing on core stability through planks, side planks and squats is instrumental in your spinal stability. These exercises are particularly important for those who spend much of their day sitting. Keep in mind that these are somewhat introductory and can be intensified for those who are more fit.


Proprioception is the brain’s awareness of your body/joints in space and time. Increasing proprioception not only improves your reflexes, but increases body awareness and therefore joint stability. Talk to us about our simple 2 minute routine.

Neck Exercises

As we age, sustain injuries to our neck or simply subject it to poor daily habits, the price we pay is poor range of motion and joint degeneration; where there is poor motion and/or alignment, the joints suffer and break-down prematurely. In addition to keeping your spine well aligned (subluxation-free), daily range of motion stretches help to increase spinal function and increase quality of life.

Foam Roller

We love the foam roller for extension stretching in the mid-back, but perhaps it’s best known for stretching out the IT band (iliotibial band), hamstrings, gluteals and quadriceps. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this great tool – remember though, start slow and easy at first until you get the hang of it.

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